Our business card branded biscuits come individually wrapped so that you can give out to customers, clients, or employees. Let your brand do the talking. Your business card is inserted withing the wrapping so that your details can be seen on one side, and when it is turned over, your business logo is showing. Just like a business card - but a biscuit bit thicker. This is a wonderful way for your business card to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. 

We make a biscuit cutter and stamper using your business logo. We bake the yummy biscuits then ice them either in white or in a colour to match your branding. The logo is then stamped into the icing and wrapped bith the business card. The biscuits are presented in a box which is again branded with your details.


We can receive your business cards from you before they are made so that we can wrap the business cards for you? Or if you prefer we can send the biscuits ready for you to include your business card. (We will send an example how to do this don't worry).

Business Card Branded Biscuits (Box of 20)

Biscuit Type
  • The biscuits are made from butter, flour and sugar. The butter may contain rapeseed oil too. The number of biscuits in the box depends on the cutter size. All gift boxes are made using the same weight of cookie/biscuit dough.

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